Saturday, 15 June 2013

Update - The new 2013 . New Beginnings for

Hi everyone ! 

First off I would like to thank anyone who has stuck by the blog, its been such manic 6 months of interning & completing university, with final term deadlines and rationals and written reports and more and more... but we're all in the same boat. :) Term finishes soon so will be able to upload my final shoot, and general over view of the Sustainability project I have been doing ..

But for now I have some exciting plans ahead for redlipsswearing. More street styles, More events . More  style updates . Just more of everything.  Ohh and ..   lastly some fantastic news :

I am moving to Milan for 12 months !!  ( yes i did make a pink header...  ) 

Commencing October 2013 I will be a student in Milan, as part of the Erasmus exchange programme. I actually can not contain my excitement.
Just to verify :  No, I do not speak italian, and No, I don't perticilury know anyone there , and No I don't know what to expect / where I should live or how I am going to cope being away from all my friends and family. .. But this operrtunity is one I have been thinking about since starting university .. so you can imagine my excitement. Not that my time in London has been anything but fantastic,   nonetheless I am most certainly ready for some SUN ..  and gelato.

xx D. 

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