Monday, 25 June 2012 - When We Met : Marina Łuczenko

Today I wanted to introduce to our english audience a startlett of Warsaw Singer: Marina , caught ono a chilly day, she wore : underground shoes and had nails to die for !. With a cool attitude and funky combinations she is definitely an elucidation of a cool 'warsaw' girl . You can find out more about her from: 

Przylapana w Coffee Heaven! Marina Luczenko wyglada swietnie, ale moja uwage zdecydowanie  przyciagnely paznokcie! tylko spojrzcie na te bialo czarne cudenka! 10/10 za styl !

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Cynthia Rowley , A.P.C and Banana Republic Combo ..

Bleu Royal

Today  despite this horrible weather me and Mika have opted for a flowery more chic look. With a clutch and the new miu miu 'velvet  lords slippers' we thought to introduce a fresh more girly way to wear it ..  with a flower print blazer from Cynthia Rowley which is a new designer we love , a dress from A.P.C (Oxford Shift Dress )  with a Shell Shirt Clutch from  Banana Republic, which i would honestly wear with anything .. even with a bikini in ibiza .. and a set of bracelets  from  which is only $19.99 which i think might be 15 pounds . ? anyway its not very expensive. Hope you like it, and me and Mika would definitely be in the shops buying it if we could ... maybe some day . :) 

Monday, 11 June 2012

THE BEST EVER - Converse !

Totally crazy about them !!! I wanted take them off from my friend's feet and run away somewhere where sun never stops shining!!  Because this is how they make me feel : summer, sun, ice creams, soft wind in my hair and white mini dress !!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

INTRODUCING : Ciate's NEW CAVIAR NAILS ... (p.s no they are not edible ;) ..)

 Caviar -is not just for eating ... its now a nail art ! for those of us ready to take that aspiration of livable luxury to the next level there’s Ciaté Caviar Manicure, (A PROUD uk BRAND)  .. is the latest craze in nail décor. The system was created by Ciaté’s creative director Charlotte Knight, who wanted three-dimensional nails for a magazine cover shoot that were delicate and feminine—and totally indulgent. 
These tiny beads were the perfect answer. To achieve the look is actually a fairly simple DIY project. One could easily grab their favorite nail polish, purchase small beads from their local craft store, and have a field day. Yet, UK nail polish brand, Ciate, has decided to make achieving the look even easier with their innovative “Caviar Manicure” kits. The kits are a one-stop-shop as they consist of a nail lacquer and beads.

 Presently, you have your pick of three colours:

multi (rainbow),( first on the page ) HERE :  WHITE - MOTHER OF PEARL

Black - BLACK PEARLSA little cartoon to show you just how easy it is .. this is a STEP - BY- STEP that Ciate includes with each kit.

As they had a POP up counter in Selfridges Beouty Departement you could have a sample done .. So why not ? This is what it looked like ..  apologies for some moved images . - I attempted getting my pinky  painted and whilst photos with my other hand , multitasking I know ) . Here you go: 

It took about 10 minutes to dry, as to how it wore, I have to say I was disappointed as after 3 days the finish started to come off. But for that 'wow' effect its defiantly worth trying! . 

This is how the nail varnishes look like .. if you spill some whilst applying with a small cylinder included its very easy to place them back.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Tomax talk : Vogue UK’s Alexandra Shulman Says Adele Was Their Worst-Selling Cover Yet !

Not so long ago we had the pleasure of attending a talk by tomax, which was great  ( little mentioned by them .. ) one of the highlight guests Alexandra Shulman admitted that even with 20 years' experience editing British Vogue, she doesn't always know what makes a best-selling cover girl."Music stars haven't sold at all well," Shulman said at the ToMax talk Fashion and Fantasy: What's in Vogue and Why Does It Matter? in London last night. " Adele is the most popular woman in the world, but one of the worst sellers we've ever had. I find there has to be a relationship with the person on the cover that goes beyond how they look. When asked what was the ultimate best seller ? "Our most successful cover was the millennium issue - which didn't have anyone on it, but acted like a mirror so you could see your own reflection!" Surprise Surprise ..      
  She also admitted that there is one person she would like to put on the cover who is proving elusive: "I'd love to have Kate Middleton on the cover," she smiled. "I assure you it is not for want of asking! 
 Sharing a platform with fashion designers Jas MB and Tessa Edwards, Shulman went on to express her continued frustration with the problem of small sample sizes.

 "I've written another letter to a designer this week because the sample sizes are too small," she said. "All magazines use the same samples so if they are small it limits the choice of models that can be put in them. You are then by necessity showing a very small range of body types. There's a limit to what I can do about it myself. We try by never using models who are under 16, and not using models with eating disorders. As part of the Health Initiative that Vogue has just launched, I am meeting all the top UK model agents in a couple of weeks to discuss what we can do in this country. However, other parts of the press need to take responsibility and change their ways too. Tabloids and weekly magazines that ring cellulite and promote diets are a part of the problem." We completely agree with her statement, as she mentioned is also up to designers to start making clothes that models can fit into ! as it leaves magazines with not choice of clothing! . 
 Overall the event was brilliant and all the chatter from tom ( tomax organiser) despite some horribly wikipedia questions, ( at least he done his research) the event was full of inspirations and variety. We will follow up with a post from Jas MB .. as we are planning to visit his studio. Here are some photos we took from the event: 

Ostatnio mialysmy okazj brac udzial w wieczorze organizowanym przez Tomax talks, ktory byl wyjatkowo specjalny z jednego wzgledu- mialysmy okazje spotkac alexandre shulman oraz projektantow Jas sehmbi i Tesse Edwards. Przepraszam ze duzo nie napiszemy o tym ale tyle sie ostatnio dzieje ze nie mamy nawet kiedy :(:( Mamy nadzieje ze zdjecia beda sie wam podobaly a jesli macie pytania zawsze mozecie pisac na - z checia i usmiechem na twarzy odpowiemy na kazde pytania :):)

Alexandra's First Novel 
The venue 

Me , Mika and Alexandra Shuman after we chatted . Did you know Poland has one of the highest entries on ? Nice to be recognised as polish bloggers.

Fashion Designer Tessa Edwards,
Me and Alexandra chatting after the talk .

Sunday, 3 June 2012


Wearing :
Kint top : Zara
Textured trouser: zara
shoes: Miu Miu
Accessories: Silver Cuffs from h&m