Monday, 2 April 2012

London College of Fashion - Term 2 , Pattern Cutting Tutorial...

Now, that the blog has been online for almost a month, i think its about time I share more about me and what I do on day to day basis. ( later on ;) . But for now, I wanted to show you one of the exercises we had to follow out at my University. For those who do not know, I am on my first year at London College of Fashion, studying ( or trying to ) a BA in Fashion Design and Development. Which takes four years to complete,  three if you choose not to do a placement year . 

 As I mentioned before, in our second term we started to learn about patterns, ergo how to create them from draping on a stand. In groups of fours we were given 3m of fabric and left to explore, any shape and form whatever entered our minds. Quickly followed by a plan of 3 scotched each and a decision of which one we wanted to go farward with ..

Playing around with shape, texture and form of the fabric given

Shorty after playing around , we were kindly informed that through the next 3 weeks we will have to MAKE the chosen garment.... Not the easiest task . We made inverted pleats, details, drapes... and we have to make a pattern for it ... Right .. 

Back Detail 

Our draped garment = turning it into a pattern ... 

Trying to draft, the shape of the paper patterns .. and real lengths in accordance with our models size .. 

Group Members: Caitlin, Dani, Saraana and Me. 

After 2 rushed sessions in class, we managed to complete a rough draft... what do you think ?


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