Sunday, 15 April 2012

MARNI for H&M - 50 % off .

The Italian brand's long-awaited line for H&M launched March 8th is now half price.
I know I know , 50 % off ? no way right ? Well I am happy to tell you that indeed : way, Warsaw - Poland have reduced the prices of all Marni clothing by 50 % with some pieces missing most still remain, which begs to question fashion awareness of us Poles, or the publicity of Marni as a  quite unknown brand in Poland, with no stores, or places you can find it it was truly a first appearance... which I quite happily took advantage of. Since it release on march the 8th, I was sure that without queuing here was no possible way for me to get my hands on their fabulous leather jackets or their jumpers.. well I am glad to say I was wrong.

The Marni collection is made of such good quality products, it makes you question why can't this become a regular thing ? 100% cashmere jumpers, 100% silk dresses and leather sandals for 39.99. ?!?      
        Ok, back to Warsaw, so a regular drop in to H&M in central Warsaw to pick up some jumpers for my little brother before his trip abroad ended in total superise, Let me paint you a picture, there I am exhausted from endless walking around.. I situate myself in male chaining rooms only to hear my brother shout out through the closed doors: ' Hey! I found this really soft jumper in blue and its half price can we get it ?" Sure we can .  He comes out and to my dispair here comes my little 14 year old bother wearing  a Marni jumper (shown below ) with a 50 % swing ticket on it. What a little legend. :)

Indeed,  I quickly realize what this means and rush off to the mens and grab another jumper and  back to womens to see if there are any more gems left. Lets just say my spending money I designated for my 'stay' quickly .. but iTS all good, as ITS all about COST PER WEAR.
Here are the collections images from H&M's website of the clothes I got : 

My Brother's jumper

The short sleeve Mens 100% cashmere jumper
Me with ALL 4 bags full of purchases .. 

My new 'shining' addition. .to the wardrobe. and its 100 % leather ?!? well excpet the sleeves .

     I also got this amazing two print silk dress, by far the highlight of the shop           

Here : Consuelo Castiglioni, Marni's Founder and Creative Director, explains, “I wanted to create a true Marni wardrobe by revisiting all our favorite pieces in signature fabrics and prints. As always, I love juxtaposing prints and colors, mixing modern tribal with Bauhaus graphic and adding sporty utilitarian elements."

So, all in total I got : the two cashmere jumpers, a leather jacket and a dress . I would say thats quite a shop . Cheers little Rich, could not have done it without you . 


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  1. opublikowałam jedno z waszych zdjęć z gali kobiet sukcesu mazowsza 2012 na swoim facebooku mam nadzieje że nie macie mi tego za złe, jeżeli jednak nie życzycie sobie tego proszę napiszcie do mnie.
    P.S. bardzo podoba mi się wasz blog myślę że tu zaglądnę od czasu do czasu