Tuesday, 17 April 2012


This post will be little preview of what will be done in next weeks.
 I am still waiting to meet D in London :( Can't wait to see her and spend whole day talking and creating in our office. I had sooo many great ideas and I am sure she has even more ! :P
I can promise you now with whole responsibility of PINKY PROMISE that in next weeks you will see on our blog MORE and BETTER !
We will show you how two Polish girls can rock on London!
For now I can tell you that we are going to take you for 3 days trip around shops which we already chose, and for two exhibitions. 
I am going to meet designer from London, and show you interviews with two young designers from Poland.
We planning much more but can't tell you everything now, without any little surprise after :)

During these weeks you will see our lives in the city we love, our looks and everything the best around us!!

 With love, D xxx

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