Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Day out in sunny London ...

As Mika mentioned earlier in the day , we decided to venture out to London today .. To explore what the high street has to offer for the up coming spring and summer of 2012, as the sun is slowly but surly coming out we all should prepare ! The shops we visited, we're all situated in londons "Bond Street" which is just off Oxford circus . For all our polish followers, it's right by Oxford circus.

 The shops we visited : -Selfridges , Zara , and to compare and find some cheapy cheap everyday stuff : Primark . We will follow up with an exact post about our finds, and what can you really get for £10 for the summer from Primark We really had a fun day, after numerous deadlines at university I am now officially free for the Easter break and it was an immense way to start it off.

 D x

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