Saturday, 24 March 2012

Look of the Day ...

Rise and Shine my lovelies !

Its a great Saturday morning, so there is no point laying in bed, the day will only get shorter from now ! I am off to Selfridges this morning, but I thought I would show you what I wore yesterday when I was on my venture of finding the perfect uniform shoes.. ( a quick note to follow on what I got .. ) 

What I wore: Black Jumpsuit from Zara, Leather Sandals from Rupert Sanderson 

Hope you all have an amazing day .. and enjoy the sunshine as knowingly it will not last long .. :( . 

xx D. 


  1. LOVE your Rupert Sanderson shoes, amazing.

    What did you end up getting for your uniform? Love this post, miss you!

    1. I got the Nod pump from miu miu ? you know the ones i always wanted.. survived about 3h and was back in my flats today .. shah . how predictable of me/