Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Mothers Day is almost upon us ...

With Mothers Day creeping up on is in less then 5 days, we thought it would be nice to do a small post dedicated to them... for all their hard work. Well I definitely was.. so thank you mum. Again.  
I do still wonder how you managed .... 

Maybe thats why she get Mothers Day twice, as we will be celebrating: the UK version and in May the Polish version. So all the best to mama J & mama M.

Mood Board with some ideas of gifts you can give ... hope it helps ...  

Take care,   

D xx


  1. That is really strange. i have join this site button ot the left on my blog, under the facebook badge or you can follow me by bloglovin (link is in my menu). Please let me know where are you following:) Then I'll know where to follow back:)

  2. Naprawdę mi się podoba blog. Mam nadzieje że będzie więcej postów w mniejszym czasie.
    Proszę o post o modnych 50-latkach, czyli jak odmłodzić swoją Matkę.

    1. Z pewnoscia taki post znajdzie sie w najblizszym czasie :):) dziekuje za komentarz i zapraszam do "follow us" !!! xxx D.