Tuesday, 15 May 2012

GO FIGURE - Fashion Illustration Feature @ LCF 11.05 - 14.07.12

Go Figure: New Fashion Illustration is the second in a series of exhibitions, which showcases the brightest young talent across the field of fashion. The series will showcase makers who, though not yet widely known.
     This exhibition brings together more than sixty works by thirteen international fashion illustrators who execute work in a variety of media, from the digital to the hand-drawn via the physical.  Most of the illustrators bring influences from other disciplines including fashion design, graphic design, photography and film, which provide an insight into a creative field that is truly multi-faceted.

Sabine Pieper - ( one of my current favourite illustrators )

Me attempting to blend into the crowd .. 
Courtesy of the artist

Eugenia Alejos
Courtesy of the artist

Hanna Muller
Courtesy of the artist

Jarno Kettunen, Boudicca
Courtesy of the artist

Laura Laine ( very established Helsinki based illustrator. with her illustrators featured in Vogue/ many editorial magazines ) 
Courtesy of the artist

Richard Kilroy, Jill Sander
Courtesy of the artist

For more information visit: www.fashionspacegallery.com

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